Sunday, December 9, 2007

running, walking and being out of shape!

Yesterday, I went out and brought sneakers. NOT just any sneakers mind you....real ones. Running shoes, for GODS sake! I am so out of shape, it's sickening. Anyway, my daughter, the princess in waiting, convinced me that if I am to start a fitness program (and I am) I needed real shoes. So we went to this shop in Texas, one that specializes in runners and runners gear. They let you run around the block in the shoes and they let you bring them back after 30 days if they are not what you need. Now, friends, this should have told me something (read into this obnoxious amounts of cash) but alas, I wear crocs and flip flops. I know nothing about real shoes.
So I have the shoes...we venture out to the park this morning to break them in. This is where I like the story...and I am winded at the half mile mark. We go to Tom Bass park (which has a 1.1 mile walkers trail around the pond) and I tell my lovely daughter (the semi-runner with the long legs who is in training to run a 10k) that I need her to slow down, LOL. I'm short, old and outta shape...what was she thinking? How the hell did she expect me to keep up.
I do my 1.1 mile and the last half is up hill (these people who design these parks have a VERY sick sense of humor) and by now I am half dead and ewwwww......sweating. After all, it's like 80 here in TX in Dec...who feels like Christmas?
I decide to let my daughter run on and I will stop here...after all...this is a good start...but then I decide to walk around in the opposite direction slowly and just cool off. THAT was a brilliant idea because I got to see all the other walkers...and wow...I went another mile!!! Yep...I started to look forward to "running" into people and cheering them on an saying "how are ya?" and "good morning!!" and "You go girl" and I just kept going round the park. It was great. People were smiling and laughing and talking to me, one group I ran into again and I slumped over and started to pant and they bout cracked up....point is, had I not gone the wrong direction on the trail (the other way, no one was lapping me) I would not have had any interaction with anyone...AND I would have stopped at mile one. Two miles today...round the world tomorrow!!
Point is, sometimes it pays to go in the wrong direction.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the week so far

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I AM TIRED!!!!
ok, I have made it so far.
This week (and it's only Wed!), for those of you interested, has been rough.
I flew back on Sunday, there was a screw up with my hotel (a beautiful 4 star) and I was bumped to "trucker hell" other words the company put me up in the MOTEL that was the farthest out and full of truck drivers. The shuttle leaves the motel at 5:30 every morning for the 7am mandatory meeting at the training center. It takes 10 minutes to get to the training center...but because they have people scattered about all over get the picture. Yes, I could take a cab, but it would cost me. I have chosen to stay at home (with my daughter in Pearland) and drive into town for the training classes. It takes 35 minutes to drive in at the ass crack of dawn...but coming home is rush hour and takes an hour....still it is worth it to stay in one of my old comfy beds. In a room that doesn't smell like smoke and old beer. LOL...ok, so I do go on!
Classes have been running for 12 hours a day. Tuesday was 16hrs. Friday and Sat are 7am to 10pm....I will be a vegetable by Sunday. Check in next week.......geeze

I would try to write something pithy...but I am just too damn tired!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

airpot lounge
the vacant old couple
light up a kiss

Monday, November 26, 2007

haiku and thoughts

Travel Haiku...a very good friend of mine suggested I write a book. "The Chai Chronicles", he called it. I like that idea. Thank you , LD.....
Do not be surprised if all of these postings change...they are a WIP after all. This post for instance needs to be made into a proper haibun. AND that will take some work.

oriental market
smelling the chai
of my travels

iced tea
on cool marble steps
my bare feet

terracotta tiles
chai with the sent
of fried fish

Where else but Italy and Spain? I will comment later.

my guide
under the flame tree
stirring chai

wet buskers
across the Hapenny bridge
hot tea

I was looking at some old photographs last night and it brought back many memories. I am going to write a series on "tea" and all the places in the world I have enjoyed it. Teas seems to be the one constant in all my travels, so it made sense to me.

The first Haiku is about a trip to Kenya I took when I was 17. I will never forget those's hard not to fall in love with Africa. I had a guide, an older Swahili gentleman who was so dignified. We sat in the shade under a flame tree and he made tea. At the time, I didn't realize just how much of an honor that was, how poor he was and his "sharing" with me, was truly a gift. In Africa, they drink a lot of their meals. That drink is Chai. Made with 50% water, 50% milk and a good dose of sugar, for those that can afford it. They steep the loose leaves in the just boiled mixture, stirring for a few minutes and then strain the lot. It's unfortunate I was so young, stupid and as green as I was. I never realized just what a moment it was and how fortunate I was to be there. I took a lot for granted back then.

The second Haiku is about Dublin. I used to live there and I loved the place. It was the first place I actually heard the term "buskers". I had seen them in Paris, Rome, Munich and many other places, but no one had ever told me they had a name for street performers. It seemed to be drizzling all the time in Dublin and always on the chilly side. I used to walk from my house on the north side of Dublin, across the Hapenny Bridge, past the buskers, who I always gave something to, even though there were some extremely lean times in Dublin, to Bewleys to buy tea. It was the one and only luxury I could afford. Bewley's tea. I still drink it, only it's now the decaf I drink. I have it shipped from Dublin, twice a year. How times have changed.


Haiku to go……and in no order, sorry

25 knots
stirring my stomach
the sea

day moon
telling the one you love
you don't

pollen dusted

full moon
another trip around
the mangroves

sultry afternoon
on the bodega sidewalk
crumbs and birds

quiet moon
counting each and every
little breath

sea salt
on my lips
a forgotten name

soft rain
scattering ashes over
Buttonwood Bay

over the boats bow
my fingers dip for
three dolphin

temporarily lost in
the evening sky

crystal clear waters
out in the backcountry
sharks and tourists

hazy day
fires to the north
fingerprints south

So glad the sky has cleared once again! I was beginning to worry! My car, my lungs and my sinuses were feeling the pain of all that "smog". Yuck.

Wednesday morning
little brown leaves swirl
at the crossroad

flower moon
silently slipping
into the sea

full moon kayak
sitting in the bay

first bone
I swear
and spook him

day dreaming
toes in the sun
and water

lazy afternoon
spoiled by work
and going

easy night
the crowd large
and happy

almost full
the moon
and me

my hand cold
and empty

no sleep tonight
his brown eyes
and his, blue

missing still
the friendship
and the chemistry

so many stars
to wish on
and only one wish

cool blustery day
an alcoved chair invites me
into the suns warmth

azure sky
amongst the palm trees
a cardinal

all day long
bird songs
whistling back

lazy day
dogs and mosquitoes

no moon tonight
three diver's sleep
on the Speigel Grove

little white heron
by the waters edge
snapping up hot air

cell phone chatter
does anyone have
an honest talk

driving under
a liar's moon
spring rain

Sunday, November 25, 2007

"you are a joy to be with"
my soul, feasting on words
that fill my heart
with nothingness

smooth stones
across his chest
this barren desert

my windswept lawn
soggy leaves tussle
with bare rose branches

Poets Who Blog: Found Poems

Poets Who Blog: Found Poems

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We had a fire and then a flood in the house in Texas last week. The flood actually put out the fire. AMAZING. A pencil lead sized hole in the pvc water pipe in the attic. I am astounded. If you could see the fire damage, you would understand. Anyway, the house (over 50 yrs old) a long ranch style that is huge and could easily be a duplex (there are two kitchens, living rooms, three bedrooms in each end, three bathrooms) is going to be half replaced. The north end of the house will get a new living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and two new bedrooms. The entire roof will be replaced on the whole house. What a mess. I am here for the next two weeks before I head out to the middle east. I thought to relax with my daughter and just chill out. Instead, we will be trying to restore some order and get things repaired. No one was hurt, nothing of great value was lost. We are thankful.

we laugh at
the burnt bacon

overcast skies
on Thanksgiving day
more smoke smell

scorching day
from the attic fire
forgotten memories

Thanksgiving day
picking through
old photographs

thanksgiving sunset
the deflated soccer ball
still kicked between us

a ball in the yard

dreary old shed
deep in the rubble
the missing bracelet

around the table
crazy bets

cold front
inside our house

quiet night
pumpkin pie
warms us up

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rex's War Canoe

My dear friends. There were parties for me all over the Keys in the last weeks. It was a humbling experience, seeing how many friends I have and how wonderful they all are. From breakfasts to dinners (and all excuses in between to gather together and eat, drink and be merry) and for 7 days and nights in a row....I was amazed.

My Full Moon Kayak bunch, launched the war canoe at sunset on my last night in the Keys. We paddled out into Blackwater Sound to watch the sunset and sing in a new adventure for all of us.

I was delighted. How could anyone ask for a better going away present than to have all your friends together, sharing songs and memories, good food and wine and a fire out under the stars? It was a wonderful evening.

last sunset
the war canoe
with paddles up

evening cloud cover
through ragged holes
the last sunbeams

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

blah blah blah

OK so sue me, I edited and saved some posts because they were unorganized (LOL...shut up, I know my head is) and I will try to be a bit more concise and get my act together.

sudden downpour
the paper shredder
burns out

I am getting a cold, I think. I have a sore throat...maybe because I was drinking and ended up sleeping with my big mouth hanging open all night mumbling things like "murphh, murphh...humphft"...and slobbering on myself. Ok...that's horse manure. I wasn't drinking, I was just slobbering. I've been stressed, cut me some slack. I quit working last week and was in work today. As well as a few other days....what a loser. I still have to pack.

sudden rain
through the window
a lost view

OKOKOK...I'll get over leaving.... as soon as I do. A few more days of tragedy...LOL
Let's put it this way, it's very appropriate that it's pissing down rain this afternoon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

WHAT did YOU do the other night?

I probably shouldn't post while makes me wax melancholy... melon collie...I get a visual. Probably not a good thing. AND thank god there is spell check.

hazy moon
pen and paper
what's with THAT ink?, last Thursday I had planned to go to work (because I am anal..Tuesday was my last day) and make sure that the wedding party I had booked went off as planned...AND then the plan was to sit in the tiki bar and drink with my cute friends and other buddies. Before I was done, everyone I wanted to drink with had gone home.

muddy sky
no clouds
or stars

I don't know what's going on. I live with a guy...a few of them (not what you are thinking you bunch of pervs) They were ALL being a huge pain in the ass the other night. The boyfriend crashed at 8pm, the kiddo was whinnier than usual, the dogs were snoring and passing gas that would peel the paint off the walls, my Dad wasn't into babysitting so I could go back out, my brother was a no show and I sat on the couch and ate Utzs rods and drank myself into a vino induced stupor. OK, so I'm a light weight and that only took two glasses....but still.

wine moon
not just the sofa

sidebar...I had to put my GD brace on because my freaking ribs are hurting...Doc told me not to go back to work.... and I am a workaholic and have been at work every day this week.

So why am I drinking alone? Because I'm

Wehhhh hell....I 'm drinking because I am leaving and I have a few pangs about it. Maybe I don't know what I want. Perhaps because it's beautiful in the Keys right now and this is the best time to be here.

Everglades tour
the spoonbills squawk
at our approach

white pelicans
against the blue sky
a vapor trail

osprey nest
a tourist leans out
over the bridge

outstretched cormorant
my fingers filter
the sunlight

my toes dip
over the bow
two dolphin

mangrove shade
a crab spider
eats it's mate

wood storks
through the camera lens
me and mike

red mangroves
guiding the boat
into the shade

I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner (first time in about 6 years...I have a chef, remember) for a crowd. I am a DAMN GREAT cook who used to love to cooking for crowds. I will not be able to do that again for a few more years.

family heirlooms
the scent of pumpkin
from the kitchen

I'm feeling sorry for myself. What an ass.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I had something to say...really I did. OH yes! Now I remember...

Last night I had to make a trip to Miami...yes, that dreaded physcho city of shitty (gumball machine drivers license getting) motorists. All of whom gesture a lot with their horns and hands...and speak in every language but English.

I am going to work in the middle east and because of the recent pranks of a few lunatics at NASA, anyone now even remotely close to working for or with the government has to take a WABI test. Now I could make jokes about what WABI stands for...but I'm busy and in a hurry and now my poor brain is taxed form the Miami experience. I also had to go buy a pair of ho-bag shoes at can't go to Miami in's just not done.

The test took place on the roof in a parking garage and was supposed to determine if I was nuts or not. A computerized nut case check on a roof in a parking garage...WTF? I kid you not!

The test was supposed to take 90 minutes and consisted of 131 questions. Silly stuff about driving (like I'm gonna say I drive like Mario Andretti on a bad day) and being a team player (is there an I in team , because I am so incredibly self absorbed) and if I scream and throw temper tantrums when I am frustrated (only sexually...not at work....unless...well never mind that's a whole nuther story) and if I hold a grudge (huh? they should have asked my ex-fre^&ing husband). I was outta there in 20 minutes with a "passed and welcome to your next step in that as...the unrelenting and never ending form filling out that you have to do in order to make a buck around here".

Now I have to laugh because several of my friends said (when they heard I was going and had to take a sanity test) "Ha won't be going anywhere, you're nuts" . I think that's why I did so well on the test. I am nuts.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A very LONG post of some old things I have in my head

I was nine. We were on the way to the airport to pick up my grandmother who was coming for Christmas. It was rush hour. The traffic was heavy and I thought at the time, fast. I was sitting in the back seat with my brothers and up ahead, I saw a small dog in the median. I knew immediately that he was going to make a dash for it and that he wouldn't make it. I screamed for my Dad to stop the car. As he slowed, the dog was hit by the car in front of us. He flipped high in the air landing on his back. With his legs flailing, he tried to get up and out of the way of oncoming traffic. There was blood on the road. I started to cry and begged my parents to stop the car so we could help. My father said we couldn't. My Mother told me the dog would be dead by then. My brothers laughed as I cried harder. And then, my mother laughed as she told me I was being really silly. That made my brothers go into convulsive gasps and dying dog displays of flailing arms and legs. I remember looking back and seeing him struggling and attempting to get up several more times and I vowed never to cry again in front of anyone. So far, so good.

brittle leaves
in the graveyard
my best friend

Monday, November 5, 2007

LMAO...ok, I'm liking this

No one reads this...hehehe...does that mean I can say what ever the fuck I want? Well...hell no, because one of my friends, someday, somewhere will ask me for the link (some already have) and I will give it to them. So much for being anonymous. AND then they will read all the shit that is in my head, and they will be afraid. AND know how weird I truly am.

windy day
papers scattered
with thoughts

Sunday, November 4, 2007

new adventures

I am leaving the Keys on Nov 17th. I don't know quite what to say. I am moving to the middle east. I used to live in Saudi, so it's no big deal for me. I spent close to ten years living the expat lifestyle and it suited me. Right now, there are mixed emotions. The weather here has turned and it is WONDERFUL. The reason I moved here (in part) but these are the kinds of days that we live for in the keys. Sky's of endless blue. Gentle sweet smells on the soft island breezes....ahhh. Warm sand between the toes, Cuban coffee and toast for breakfast.

sand pipers
washed up in the waves
a child's pail

The weekend has been fantastic. I was taken out to breakfast yesterday by my friend Big Red, she picked me up in her convertible (picture it, a blond and a red head in a convertible driving around the keys!) and we went for a small cruise. Small because I am in pain.

blue sky
the bobbing heads
in a caddy

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of it at home dizzy. LOL...morphine. Today I am in more pain, rather put up with the pain then the dizzy, sick, queasy feeling. I have three cracked ribs and torn cartilage between them! Yes...nice. My first trip to fantasy fest and I come back broken.

naked people
does anyone own
a mirror?

I was minding my own business (and SOBER damn it because I was a designated driver!) watching the parade when a drunk guy fell on me. Not just fell, lost his balance, tried to compensate and hit me head on like a linebacker, throwing me 3 feet in the air and into a concrete wall behind me. I had the wind knocked out of me, scrapped and bruised my back and fractured my ribs. Ahhh, if I had been drunk, I'd probably be OK. LOL. My ear has blood in it also...nice. I am fine. Really. Everyone was like "Did you call the police?" was fantasy fest, people get drunk, it was an accident, the guy felt so was an accident. AND accidents happen, even to the sober people.

cigars and beads
spilled on the sidewalk
fantasy fest

I got a little pissy yesterday also. None of my guy friends wished me a happy birthday. Not one. I was amazed and a little shocked. Not one of them. I have several. Not one....I'm sounding like a broken record here. Not one of the fuckers. All my girlfriends, GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!! sent me emails, called me from Brazil, Ireland, Iraq all over the US and the world. Sent me cards and flowers and took me to breakfast, asked me to dinner.....and not one of the lousy fuckers that I have slept with and even the ones I haven't slept with (so, I can't blame it on bad sex) said boo.
What's up with that shit? Being a lesbian is starting to look very attractive. OK, that's a lie, I love men.

raging fire
too many candles
on my cake

So guys, if you read this, buck, send a card, an email, take me to dinner, lunch, breakfast, buy me a freaking cup of coffee for god's sake...redeem yourselves!!! Don't let me lose faith in y'all on my way outta town.

fantasy fest
a painted lady
shouldn't be

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

random ku's

I like to write haiku. I will not pretend that I am good at it, I'm not. There are people whose haiku bring tears to my eyes, they are so beautiful. Many of these people you can find in the WHC and the NOBO list groups. The true artist, IMHO, is someone who can write something so profoundly moving and not only do you "see" it, but you feel, smell and sometimes hear it as well, in only three little lines. I will add mine (in many forms) to this blog from time to time, but just remember, if you are looking for great haiku, check out "The Heron's Nest" or "Frogpond"...or any number of other great haiku sites. My "stuff" is what it is, my thoughts and feelings at the time.

roads' end
where blue
meets blue

starry sky
so many words

in the park
live oaks

jalousie window
the missing sent
of his cologne