Wednesday, November 14, 2007

blah blah blah

OK so sue me, I edited and saved some posts because they were unorganized (LOL...shut up, I know my head is) and I will try to be a bit more concise and get my act together.

sudden downpour
the paper shredder
burns out

I am getting a cold, I think. I have a sore throat...maybe because I was drinking and ended up sleeping with my big mouth hanging open all night mumbling things like "murphh, murphh...humphft"...and slobbering on myself. Ok...that's horse manure. I wasn't drinking, I was just slobbering. I've been stressed, cut me some slack. I quit working last week and was in work today. As well as a few other days....what a loser. I still have to pack.

sudden rain
through the window
a lost view

OKOKOK...I'll get over leaving.... as soon as I do. A few more days of tragedy...LOL
Let's put it this way, it's very appropriate that it's pissing down rain this afternoon.


Silverback said...

I hope you're going to blog from Kuwait - either that or I need your email address !!

We'll be sure to give The Pilot House a visit although we don't go to Key West as often as we used to. It looks like a lovely place and with that discount, we'd be nuts not to pop in !!

If this IS my last comment, have a safe journey but please keep in touch somehow.


Paradise Found said...

Ian, I started the blog for my buddies who wanted to keep up with my I will keep posting. Many thanks for your comments! Don't go as far as Key Weird....Key Largo is the first in line...stop there and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You're about to go and I'm still in denial. No doubt I'll miss you every day...thank God for e-mail and cell phones...and now a blog! Thanks for finally sharing the address with me...;-)

We lost touch for a year or two, back in the day, so it's not like being apart is without precedent. Even so...wah!

"big red"

P.S. Love the are SO talented!

Lunar Chick said...

I thought I was coming down with a cold myself, that or the flu. Ran straight into the clinic to get a jab - maybe it was stupid but I keep telling everyone I can't afford to get sick. Although maybe it's pointless as my 3 year old nephew is running around my home sneezing and coughing - hmmmm...

:-) and that's ME rambling!

Paradise Found said...

No matter where I am, you will always be one of my very best buddies. As for the haiku, some of it is ok, most of it is not haiku at all...but that's OK, I'm not looking for publication here! Thanks you though, for the first fan...LOL
Get your website up and running so I can link it here!!! I am your #1 fan!!!

Thanks for the comments. I need to get a jab too and will probably do so when I get to Houston this coming week. I used to live in Jeddah (I learned to dive in the Red Sea!)and spent a lot of time traveling around the country. I've been to every country in the Middle East because I used to work for Saudia. So did my Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo, early morning waking on your last day on the keys! Hope you enjoyed breakfast. Good luck on your assingment and I hope it feeds your adrenaline habit.
Missing you all the time. :-( Moonlight

jackie said...

OK, so you're thumping me for calling your poetry by the wrong name? Kinda like calling a Firebird a Caddy, right? Literary license? ;-)

I will ALWAYS be your fan, my dear...even when you're half a world away!

big red

P.S. Hope you didn't drown in the war canoe last night...