Thursday, November 22, 2007

We had a fire and then a flood in the house in Texas last week. The flood actually put out the fire. AMAZING. A pencil lead sized hole in the pvc water pipe in the attic. I am astounded. If you could see the fire damage, you would understand. Anyway, the house (over 50 yrs old) a long ranch style that is huge and could easily be a duplex (there are two kitchens, living rooms, three bedrooms in each end, three bathrooms) is going to be half replaced. The north end of the house will get a new living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and two new bedrooms. The entire roof will be replaced on the whole house. What a mess. I am here for the next two weeks before I head out to the middle east. I thought to relax with my daughter and just chill out. Instead, we will be trying to restore some order and get things repaired. No one was hurt, nothing of great value was lost. We are thankful.

we laugh at
the burnt bacon

overcast skies
on Thanksgiving day
more smoke smell

scorching day
from the attic fire
forgotten memories

Thanksgiving day
picking through
old photographs

thanksgiving sunset
the deflated soccer ball
still kicked between us

a ball in the yard

dreary old shed
deep in the rubble
the missing bracelet

around the table
crazy bets

cold front
inside our house

quiet night
pumpkin pie
warms us up

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Lunar Chick said...

I'm so sorry about the fire - as long as no one was hurt then that's the important thing. It's just a hassle really when all you wanted to do was to relax.