Sunday, November 4, 2007

new adventures

I am leaving the Keys on Nov 17th. I don't know quite what to say. I am moving to the middle east. I used to live in Saudi, so it's no big deal for me. I spent close to ten years living the expat lifestyle and it suited me. Right now, there are mixed emotions. The weather here has turned and it is WONDERFUL. The reason I moved here (in part) but these are the kinds of days that we live for in the keys. Sky's of endless blue. Gentle sweet smells on the soft island breezes....ahhh. Warm sand between the toes, Cuban coffee and toast for breakfast.

sand pipers
washed up in the waves
a child's pail

The weekend has been fantastic. I was taken out to breakfast yesterday by my friend Big Red, she picked me up in her convertible (picture it, a blond and a red head in a convertible driving around the keys!) and we went for a small cruise. Small because I am in pain.

blue sky
the bobbing heads
in a caddy

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of it at home dizzy. LOL...morphine. Today I am in more pain, rather put up with the pain then the dizzy, sick, queasy feeling. I have three cracked ribs and torn cartilage between them! Yes...nice. My first trip to fantasy fest and I come back broken.

naked people
does anyone own
a mirror?

I was minding my own business (and SOBER damn it because I was a designated driver!) watching the parade when a drunk guy fell on me. Not just fell, lost his balance, tried to compensate and hit me head on like a linebacker, throwing me 3 feet in the air and into a concrete wall behind me. I had the wind knocked out of me, scrapped and bruised my back and fractured my ribs. Ahhh, if I had been drunk, I'd probably be OK. LOL. My ear has blood in it also...nice. I am fine. Really. Everyone was like "Did you call the police?" was fantasy fest, people get drunk, it was an accident, the guy felt so was an accident. AND accidents happen, even to the sober people.

cigars and beads
spilled on the sidewalk
fantasy fest

I got a little pissy yesterday also. None of my guy friends wished me a happy birthday. Not one. I was amazed and a little shocked. Not one of them. I have several. Not one....I'm sounding like a broken record here. Not one of the fuckers. All my girlfriends, GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!! sent me emails, called me from Brazil, Ireland, Iraq all over the US and the world. Sent me cards and flowers and took me to breakfast, asked me to dinner.....and not one of the lousy fuckers that I have slept with and even the ones I haven't slept with (so, I can't blame it on bad sex) said boo.
What's up with that shit? Being a lesbian is starting to look very attractive. OK, that's a lie, I love men.

raging fire
too many candles
on my cake

So guys, if you read this, buck, send a card, an email, take me to dinner, lunch, breakfast, buy me a freaking cup of coffee for god's sake...redeem yourselves!!! Don't let me lose faith in y'all on my way outta town.

fantasy fest
a painted lady
shouldn't be


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day PPPPPPPaula!
Better late than never...right?

Guess Who!

Lunar Chick said...

Read that you lived in the Middle East in your profile, but then when my eyes landed on Saudi I thought WOAH! Which part of Saudi did you live in?

Born in Saudi myself - so it's that strange fascination to meet people from my neck of the woods.