Thursday, November 8, 2007

WHAT did YOU do the other night?

I probably shouldn't post while makes me wax melancholy... melon collie...I get a visual. Probably not a good thing. AND thank god there is spell check.

hazy moon
pen and paper
what's with THAT ink?, last Thursday I had planned to go to work (because I am anal..Tuesday was my last day) and make sure that the wedding party I had booked went off as planned...AND then the plan was to sit in the tiki bar and drink with my cute friends and other buddies. Before I was done, everyone I wanted to drink with had gone home.

muddy sky
no clouds
or stars

I don't know what's going on. I live with a guy...a few of them (not what you are thinking you bunch of pervs) They were ALL being a huge pain in the ass the other night. The boyfriend crashed at 8pm, the kiddo was whinnier than usual, the dogs were snoring and passing gas that would peel the paint off the walls, my Dad wasn't into babysitting so I could go back out, my brother was a no show and I sat on the couch and ate Utzs rods and drank myself into a vino induced stupor. OK, so I'm a light weight and that only took two glasses....but still.

wine moon
not just the sofa

sidebar...I had to put my GD brace on because my freaking ribs are hurting...Doc told me not to go back to work.... and I am a workaholic and have been at work every day this week.

So why am I drinking alone? Because I'm

Wehhhh hell....I 'm drinking because I am leaving and I have a few pangs about it. Maybe I don't know what I want. Perhaps because it's beautiful in the Keys right now and this is the best time to be here.

Everglades tour
the spoonbills squawk
at our approach

white pelicans
against the blue sky
a vapor trail

osprey nest
a tourist leans out
over the bridge

outstretched cormorant
my fingers filter
the sunlight

my toes dip
over the bow
two dolphin

mangrove shade
a crab spider
eats it's mate

wood storks
through the camera lens
me and mike

red mangroves
guiding the boat
into the shade

I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner (first time in about 6 years...I have a chef, remember) for a crowd. I am a DAMN GREAT cook who used to love to cooking for crowds. I will not be able to do that again for a few more years.

family heirlooms
the scent of pumpkin
from the kitchen

I'm feeling sorry for myself. What an ass.

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writerwoman said...

my toes dip
over the bow
two dolphin

Love that. I can see it, feel it, and smile at the image. Wonderful work.