Wednesday, October 24, 2007

random ku's

I like to write haiku. I will not pretend that I am good at it, I'm not. There are people whose haiku bring tears to my eyes, they are so beautiful. Many of these people you can find in the WHC and the NOBO list groups. The true artist, IMHO, is someone who can write something so profoundly moving and not only do you "see" it, but you feel, smell and sometimes hear it as well, in only three little lines. I will add mine (in many forms) to this blog from time to time, but just remember, if you are looking for great haiku, check out "The Heron's Nest" or "Frogpond"...or any number of other great haiku sites. My "stuff" is what it is, my thoughts and feelings at the time.

roads' end
where blue
meets blue

starry sky
so many words

in the park
live oaks

jalousie window
the missing sent
of his cologne