Monday, November 26, 2007


Haiku to go……and in no order, sorry

25 knots
stirring my stomach
the sea

day moon
telling the one you love
you don't

pollen dusted

full moon
another trip around
the mangroves

sultry afternoon
on the bodega sidewalk
crumbs and birds

quiet moon
counting each and every
little breath

sea salt
on my lips
a forgotten name

soft rain
scattering ashes over
Buttonwood Bay

over the boats bow
my fingers dip for
three dolphin

temporarily lost in
the evening sky

crystal clear waters
out in the backcountry
sharks and tourists

hazy day
fires to the north
fingerprints south

So glad the sky has cleared once again! I was beginning to worry! My car, my lungs and my sinuses were feeling the pain of all that "smog". Yuck.

Wednesday morning
little brown leaves swirl
at the crossroad

flower moon
silently slipping
into the sea

full moon kayak
sitting in the bay

first bone
I swear
and spook him

day dreaming
toes in the sun
and water

lazy afternoon
spoiled by work
and going

easy night
the crowd large
and happy

almost full
the moon
and me

my hand cold
and empty

no sleep tonight
his brown eyes
and his, blue

missing still
the friendship
and the chemistry

so many stars
to wish on
and only one wish

cool blustery day
an alcoved chair invites me
into the suns warmth

azure sky
amongst the palm trees
a cardinal

all day long
bird songs
whistling back

lazy day
dogs and mosquitoes

no moon tonight
three diver's sleep
on the Speigel Grove

little white heron
by the waters edge
snapping up hot air

cell phone chatter
does anyone have
an honest talk

driving under
a liar's moon
spring rain

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed this selection of haiku, thanks for sharing